Comment 122658

By JasonL (registered) | Posted March 20, 2018 at 21:18:23 in reply to Comment 122655

seems your missing my point, both from a decade ago, and today. We should welcome and encourage ALL forms of new, urban-focused dense developments. Sprawl is killing us.

No, it won't require 100 massive towers, nor will it require demolishing the entire city to copy central Paris or Vienna. We can do both...tall and short, modern and historic renovations, mid-rise along suburban arteries and missing middle low-rise multi-unit developments in all hoods, city and suburbs included. Walkable, street oriented, close to transit and with ground floor retail is the way to fix Hamilton's financial and urban design crisis. Whether a building is 30 floors or 40 is totally irrelevant.
I've never once heard anyone say "I was going to take an apartment in that Century 21 building, but once I found out it was 43 stories instead of 30 I said no way!"

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