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By JasonL (registered) | Posted March 21, 2018 at 14:57:58 in reply to Comment 122678

just some context here as far as numbers go.

On the portion of land where the 30 storey tower is proposed here, the difference in elevation between the land and the escarpment directly south of here is 86 metres. On Mr Lamb's documents submitted to the city, 30 storeys is 88metres. In other words, at the escarpment height.

This far from the Mtn Brow, someone could easily go 5+ storeys higher than the Mtn Brow and nobody would ever notice. Right up against the base of the escarpment is where the city would be wise to have some height limits, not far north by Main Street.

The 40-storey point in the eastern building is 118 metres..... so, this would be 34 metres higher than the escarpment edge, not including the mechanical penthouse. With the mechanics, it would be 46 metres higher. So, that's somewhere between 10-14 floors higher than the escarpment. Not 18.

Landmark Place stands roughly 32 metres higher than the escarpment. But again, is so far north it doesn't block anyone's view. I'm not sure if that includes it's mechanical penthouse or not.

The point is, these buildings are not outlandish for our current downtown core.

One thing everyone should keep in mind when measuring these elevation heights is that the city didn't use the top of the escarpment for their elevation numbers. Head to any number of online elevation devices or apps and go stand at:

-1 Belvidere Ave

-1 Mountain Park Ave

-5 Harbourview Lane

-Century Manor site on Juravinski Drive

-Garth St at Auchmar Road

Every single elevation measurement comes in at 195-197 metres. The city's map showing a range of 182 to 191 along this portion of brow is ridiculously off....I'm going to assume it's an accidental error, but regardless, developers are being informed that they can verify the escarpment height themselves when it comes time to apply to build. You'll end up seeing different numbers roll in than the erroneous ones being presented to the public by the city.

One final point that some seem to be asking about..... the ceiling height in the ground floor retail at TV City is 23 feet. That is slightly higher than the rooftop of the Pinehurst Manor. For comparison sake, the glass pavilion at AGH is 18 feet tall.... in other words, this retail space will be large and airy both inside and to the sidewalk.

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