Comment 122683

By Locke (registered) | Posted March 21, 2018 at 16:56:18 in reply to Comment 122682

I guess I'm feeling more generous towards city staff than you are at the moment.

I'm as inclined to ask where the city got its figures and to ask if it is more or less reliable than something I found on the web.

Secondly, it is possible... even likely... we've not heard about the battles city staff have fought to turn preliminary enquiries back that wanted 30-storey towers south of St. Joseph's Hospital.

In time, I'd love to see taller towers dispersed across downtown... Heck, I'd likely support the idea of a downtown jewel that soared twice as high as adjacent buildings but addressed The Gore at street level nicely.

But most importantly, I'd rather see more developments downtown than a fewer. If we allow all buildings to exceed the height restriction by 25% or more, it's pretty logical to assume we'll see 25% fewer new developments.

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