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By ScreamingViking (registered) | Posted April 19, 2018 at 22:26:46

Nice piece Ryan. I read it on the Spec website this morning.

The "cost of not building LRT" is something I wish city staff had put an estimate on. That is, the cost of running the city (and hence, municipal taxes) without LRT vs. with LRT. Cost of building infrastructure for city growth without LRT vs. with LRT. Long term city debt projections without LRT vs. with LRT. There are probably more comparisons to be made.

It makes for a powerful case, at least with councilors who may be on the fence.

The others whose minds are made up will likely defer to "what I'm hearing people want" argument, and the Snuffleupagus of the home-runs that could be had all over the city if we use the money evenly across the wards.

They won't care about outsider perception of the city not being 'open for business' either, which is still prevalent I think despite the advances of the past decade. But perception is huge. KW reinvented itself from an ageing industrial region to a progressive one embracing and supporting the tech sector, and has become a focus of pride for the province and target for its investments... which have comprised more than shady pre-election promises.

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