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By Larry Di Ianni (anonymous) | Posted November 23, 2007 at 14:50:19

Gosh, Jason, Michele was only offering an opinion and you jumped down her throat. To suggest that the city is ignoring downtown is to ignore the millions of dollars that we have rightly poured into development activities, one way road alterations and improvements, facade programs for some of our buildings, conversion investment, millions in clean up initiatives, increased police and camera surveillance. Lots is happening downtown. And more should happen. This takes time AND money. Where is this money to come from? Not an already overtaxed home owner. They can't stand any more. It has to come from businesses, and the industrial sector. How do we expand this sector? Well, all the experts are saying you need to have 'shovel-ready' land. Please see my earlier post.
I know you have lived in Portland. In fact it was you who peaked my interest in researching that city. It isn't a panacea by any stretch. But the city is doing many things right. And the Port/Airport are too. Who is to say that these entities would do any less in Hamilton?
Let's not treat them as enemies. Or let's not demonize capitalists for participating in the capitalist system. Check out my blog on Philanthropy at It may give you a new view of successful business people.
I recall, Jason, a young youth pastor and his father coming to see me about some exciting plan for their parish in our inner city. I wished then, as I do now that we had had enough money and programs to assist that great ministry. The city is stretched; however, if we can increase the wealth coming into the city's coffers, everyone would gain.
I am not an elected politician, by the way. I was; and God (and the electorate)-willing, I may be again. Until then, at least concede me this: I am an interested citizen with a unique perspective, because of the experiences I have had, on our city, with some opinions and the time to share them. Take them for what they are worth.
It is also fun to engage in discussion and debate, by the way.

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