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By jason (registered) | Posted November 23, 2007 at 22:06:50

...or Mississuaga or Brampton or Burlington or Markham or Milton or any of the other drab places city hall seems obsessed in copying.

I say we shoot for the best city in Canada. Why not?: Portland is a small city by US standards and consistently wins all sorts of awards for quality of life and urban revitalization as best in America. Their Pearl District in an old abandoned downtown district (it was brought back to life on the back of tax incentives for fixing up empty buildings and construction of light rail) was named the most livable neighbourhood in America last year. The city has set their own goal of being "the most European city in America". Why should Hamilton settle for top 10 or best in Ontario etc..... the only reason I can see the powers that be setting their sights lower would be if they know that's where they'll end up with business as usual. Setting a high goal means we must change what we've been doing. To me, that's our number one obstacle.

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