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By highwater (registered) | Posted November 29, 2007 at 14:47:16

r_t_t_b, it seems that not only does reality have an 'extreme left wing bias', but it's not very polite either.

We've just totally lost perspective on left and right haven't we? I'm old enough to remember Bill Davis' Big Blue Machine, the Red Toryism of Joe Clark, etc. Time was, small 'c' conservatives believed that government had a role to play in tempering the worst excesses of the market for the benefit of the greater good. Crazy talk, I know. Now even people calling themselves 'Liberal' can't imagine government doing anything other than designing policy and directing public money to benefit corporate interests, assuring us that the greater good will be somehow be served by the 'trickle down' effect. Hasn't worked in real life yet, but it looks good on paper. Lots and lots of paper, apparently. (I don't recall low wage retail jobs being the sort of jobs the RHVP would bring us, but I guess I haven't seen all the reports.)

Things are so skewed now that when someone like Naomi Klein suggests that maybe Pinochet wasn't such a great guy afterall, everyone jumps all over her like she's Stalin. And anyone with the temerity to suggest that maybe we ought to balance the bottom line with the greater good (or God forbid, the environment!), is labelled a wild-eyed radical. I would love to believe that the people doing this are merely ignorant of our political history, but I'm quite sure that it is a conscious attempt to marginalize mainstream views, and scare voters away from voting for policies that will actually benefit them.

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