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By Genghis (anonymous) | Posted December 04, 2007 at 17:49:11

Ryan,I am not so sure it is blantant as "they should do it because it is the right thing to do" of course it is the right thing to do, but never politically smart.But no party will do it and not be seen to be doing it, or take credit for it.

Look at Dion.First against Veiled voting.. now the Tories are against it.. so he is FOR it.Swings and roundabouts.All liars.

This whole system of giving money has Mafia Family aroma to it.Everyone takes care of his own, and does nothing unless they get cresit for it.Giving money to cities via Liberals or(insert competitor here) is wasted in the vote scheme of things.The issue then.How to get the money into the Cities hands.. and the reciprocating votes in return.Not easy.but thats Politics..

ie If the Federal Tories could give the money directly to the Cities and by pass the Provinces( where it is cut and diluted and trickles back down to the cities) I am sure this would be more than acceptable to the Tories,but this intrudes on jusrisdiction.This is Capo McGuintys back yard.He wants his "cut"

Every party does the same optics and gymnastics.The Liberals were loath to give the Harris Govt any money unless they could be seen to get it to those that vote could be persueded to vote or hold "Liberal".

I am starting to wonder if there is a need for Municipal governments at all anymore.Pehaps the "City hall" of the Provinces should be extensions of,and merged with Provincial ridings during elections.

No need for GTA transit consortiums overlapping/colliding with PRovincial/Federal jusrisdictions.

There are too many levels of government with a "Goodfellas" mentality.Every local "Don" responsble to his constituents needs his "take" of the tribute until there is nothing left.

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