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By jason (registered) | Posted December 06, 2007 at 16:36:10

the real issue at hand here is who controls the growth of our cities?? I think city hall should have their own growth plans and be able to stick to them. insane organizations like the OMB and stuff like this where developers go crying to the media is out of place. We elect the folks at city hall to run our city. Not some guy who bought a piece of land knowing full well what the zoning was and what would be required to change it, with little regard for city planning and growth strategies already in place.
Bad purchase. Welcome to a free society. You're allowed to purchase whatever you want. City hall is allowed to plan and manage their own growth.

The day we turn over the development of our city to people with no regard for the health of the city is a sad day indeed. Thankfully the only people on this forum who would support such a move aren't able to make a coherent point without calling people names (and still never end up making a point).

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