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By jason (registered) | Posted December 09, 2007 at 14:52:44 comment was not in any way 'anti-business' nor was it a 'stereotype'. it's the truth. in hamilton we routinely break planning guidelines in order to appease builders. hundreds of homes are being built right now with no building permit. and more will start this year. and next year and the year after.....

if you folks are so desperate to categorize everything in your lives into these cute little 'left/right' boxes then let me help you out. if you're trying to figure out the common thread among those who write for RTH and our 'angle' or 'slant' or 'bias' (or whatever you call it in lefty-righty land) it's very simple: we are tired of the status-quo. We are tired of Barton St. We are tired of centra/east Hamilton. We are tired of subsidizing suburban growth (while living on or near the aforementioned districts) We are tired of this city's well-deserved image. We are tired of the absolute lack of leadership and vision on successive councils. We are tired of BUSINESS AS USUAL.

Next time you have some friends in from out of town take them out for a night on Barton East. Or enjoy an evening on Kenilworth Ave. or parkdale or king or main or sherman....

If you can honestly say you are thrilled with the state of our city, then you're on a different planet than I am. The model of city development we have chosen the past 30 years DOES NOT WORK. that's not my opinion. that's fact. Proven by cities all over the world who have already been there, done that and are now fixing their mistakes. And it's also a fact when you consider Hamilton is located in the heart of Canada's largest, most prosperous region and yet we are unable to move forward. It starts with you and I - electing these politicians who haven't a clue how to run a city but looked pretty on TV or had their billboard plastered all over town by builders. We get what we vote for.
If you want 30 more years like the past 30, more power to you. I just hope with everying in me that you don't get your wish.

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