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By Matt A (registered) | Posted December 09, 2007 at 21:19:44

susie- 'nothing in the news says developers aren't following the rules' Are you kidding??! What about the recent articles in the Hamilton Spectator (that's the biggest 'news' outlet we have in Hamilton, in case you aren't informed)?? This article comes to mind: ...and see what you find by searching for 'Vranich' (father and son are 'developers' in the city).

Developers certainly need to follow the rules... and that isn't happening as often as it should. Having said that, the rules unquestionably need to change. I'll give you an example.... let's say, hypothetically, that a Victorian home burns down at 362 John St N, and you are interested in buying the land to re-build a similar home. The lot is 19x85, had no previous parking and once had a home near filling the space (at least width wise). As the rules are now, if you rebuild, you must provide parking for two cars (near impossible, and unnecessary), you must have a front yard that is far longer than any on the street, and the maximum building 'envelope' you have forces the home to be no more than 13' wide!! (It was about 18' before). So, if you do follow these rules, you get a home that doesn't fit into it's surroundings... like putting on a polka-dot tie when the rest of your outfit is striped. It makes our city look disjointed and ugly.

So yeah... to reiterate: 1. the rules need to be followed regardless (and they're not always)... but 2. some of the rules need to change.

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