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By attitude_adjuster (anonymous) | Posted November 09, 2006 at 13:13:18

"As a final statement, we can do as much as we want to make our roads safe, but the bottom line is, it's not what the roads look like, it's the attitudes of the people using (both driving and walking) them that makes the difference."

You know what? Since I read this i've noticed that I drive faster on big wide streets like main and king. Some people will drive like jerks no matter what, but most people drive based on what kind of street it is. Check out the report from eric dunbaugh (linked from the article) he's studied different kinds of streets and the big wide ones have worse accidents.

Forget enforcement. Maybe red light camera will help but there just aren't enough cops to watch all the corners all the time, even if Diianni hires 100 more. just make it really hard to speed, and less people will do it. This isn't rocket science.

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