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By Jason Goodburn-Moffitt (anonymous) | Posted November 14, 2006 at 14:19:06

This site never ceases to inform and motivate me. I currently live in Oakville, but am considering Hamilton as my next move.

I had a similar issue on my street, which is a four-lane divided road, speed limit is 50 km/h.

This is a 100% residential road, with two primary schools being serviced by side streets, and hundreds of children walking the sidewalks and crossing the street twice each day.

There are several stop signs along its way, which are often ignored, even though there is a crossing guard during the morning and afternoon rush.

Parking is severely restricted, there is no stopping, and there is a grassy centre-median.

As a result, speeding along this road is quite common, which the town enforces with police presense at least twice a month. Usually speeders are 20-30 over, but one police officer clocked someone at 130 recently.

Several years ago on one weekend when parking is allowed, a speeding car lost control and took out 3 parked cars, and then jumped the curb onto someone's lawn.

The town is well aware of this problem, as it gets raised frequently with them by residents, to which they always reply that "they are addressing the issue with enforcement."

I mentioned to them that enforcement is required every day, because as soon as it lets up, drivers are speeding again. To which they replied, "they don't have enough resources."

Being bold, I made the suggestion to Oakville's traffic department that parking should be allowed, to which their response was "but this would slow down traffic."

When I replied that this is exactly what we want in our neighbourhood, they had nothing further to say. They are hell-bent on making residential roads high-speed nightmares for children and pedestrians.

This road is frequently used by street-racers says much about its design and lack of enforcement.

Keep up the great work.


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