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By Common Sense (anonymous) | Posted May 10, 2008 at 09:48:25

The building they are now talking about has no architectural merit for preservation. It is just an old brick building. It displays nothing worth preserving. We can't be running around begging government to force private property owners to maintain every building because it is old, it is non-sense. To me the most critical streetscape to maintain as heritage is King Street and James Street North of York Blvd. The rest can go unless designated under the heritage act. Rather then spending all this money on the Lister we should be spending it on the repointing of brick, new windows and the removal of the big Cash Now signs etc that line King Street. That is truly what is worth preserving in my mind. The Lister may be structurally sound but it is not appropriate for use of office space in this day and age. I've heard the ceilings could possibly be as low as 8'. That is ridiculous for office but good for residential. Let's pick our battles people.

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