Comment 25479

By Rob+1 (anonymous) | Posted June 10, 2008 at 17:40:35

Check out for a neat CAPTCHA system that I've been using lots. It gives the user two words from old public-domain books, one that the system knows, and the other that the OCR software was unable to recognize. The user doesn't know which is which, and if the known one is right, it assumes the unknown one is right, and thus your commenter has just helped digitize a public domain book!

Sometimes the words aren't recognizable, but there's a refresh button that doesn't involve a full page refresh, making that issue negligible.

(by the way, having a hard time posting here.. it's saying my account is unconfirmed [I never got any emails asking for confirmation], and its not accepting my answer to the security question.. it seems misleading as "type the numeral" suggests typing it full out as "six" not "6".. also won't let me post my name because my afore-mentioned unconfirmed account already uses the name.. man I'm having a bad day here!)

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