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By Frank (registered) | Posted August 19, 2008 at 11:31:57

Sean, No...both should be taken care of. Well I suppose the one is already because he's dead but regardless, when a certain group is targeted they churn out the kind of crap that you see in the original post because they feel they're being unfairly prosecuted. The solution? Target all lawbreakers.

I don't see why some roads can't be closed down. There are many that run under capacity and they seem to all go to the same place. Once there's a viable public transportation system shutting down some roads should be quite easy. Of course, in lieu of that, having physically separated bike lanes on the roadway where necessary is an option.

As far as 70 in a 60, there shouldn't be an posted speeds over 50 inside the city limits anyway. I vote for 50 on all major roads with 55-60 being the speed that traffic is allowed to flow at and all the collectors and smaller streets have a posted speed of 40. Bring in more red light cameras, hire more police officers in the traffic division.... Lots of things to do :)

It sucks when, as a driver following the rules, I get shafted by idiots who don't so I'm just as angry lol!

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