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By Frank (registered) | Posted December 04, 2008 at 09:51:18

Rebel Alliance wrote "Refusing to let the coalition form government is telling the citizens who voted that they screwed it up and need to do it again - that's undemocratic." As undemocratic as insinuating that a liberal vote equals an NDP vote equals a Bloc vote.

And also "The MPs we voted into the house of commons are able to form a government, the GG MUST give them that chance".

They were given that chance. Apparently they couldn't put partisanship aside and decided to act like children. So now we take that chance away from them.

The coalition couldn't survive any longer than a tiger and a deer can last in the same pen. Liberals are a centre left party and NDP are a far left party. They may have somewhat the same ideals in areas but in many they don't.

Prorogueing Parliament isn't running away. It hopefully gives people's heads a chance to cool. Not to mention it comes at about the same time as Christmas break does no loss there.

All this crap is about a mini budget that can very easily be voted down. It's about something that can be modified at any point before it's tabled in legislature. It's pure jump-on-the-bandwagon rhetoric about something that has no teeth. If the opposition has such a problem with it, instead of whining and trying to take over (which hasn't generated any economic benefits I can see in the Canadian markets) they could just as easily vote it out and force the Cons to come back with something new. It's a guarantee that the budget package in Jan will come with hefty stimulus packages but...why let that happen when you can seize power whenever you want? If I were the GG, I'd porogue parliament and when parliament comes back in session, immediately dissolve it and call an election.

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