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By Frank (registered) | Posted December 04, 2008 at 11:06:46

Rebel Alliance...equating what you feel is right to democratic or the only option doesn't make you right.

THe GG and the PM have just as much right to porogue parliament and or force an election as the coalition does to try to run the government.

I love how you think I'm wrong. Since you're so right of course. I'm not wrong on the process, you're misconstruing it to your benefit. In actual fact, I had to study the process. You're also blinded by what you call accountability. Can politicians be held accountable to what they say during an election campaign? Can they be held accountable for deals they make with their friends to get them into appointed positions in the Senate? (something that coalition party and a long legacy of Liberal government has changed into a joke) Perhaps you can explain to me how that's more accountable? Can they be held accountable for deals they make with other parties including separatist parties? Nope. Those are done behind closed doors. So much for accountability.

The coalition solution to the economic crisis is to reiterate the entire economic platform with the word stimulus added in at strategic locations. Do you forget that there's also a western part of Canada? A part that will get supremely ticked off at this sort of thing even if it didn't include a deal with the Bloc. What's good for you and your buddies doesn't mean that's what's good for Canada.

You equate a vote for anything other than a conservative MP as a vote for a coalition opposition party. I think you'll find yourself sadly mistaken. You need to get out more. Do more reading. Do more talking to people outside of the range of your voice and those who enjoin the same opinions as you. I've talked to NDP and Liberal supporters alike and I can't find one who thinks that this process is acceptable.

So NO, you're wrong.

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