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By Rebel Alliance (anonymous) | Posted December 04, 2008 at 12:03:05


"equating what you feel is right to democratic or the only option doesn't make you right."

following the constitution and parliament tradition DO make me right.

"THe GG and the PM have just as much right to porogue parliament and or force an election as the coalition does to try to run the government."

The GG has to obey the prime ministers request to suspend parliament IF the prime minister has the confidence of the house of commons. You and I both know he DOESN"T have it. Why do you keep trying to change the subject?

There's one reason and one reason only why wants to suspend parliament and it's because he knows he'll be voted down in a vote of no confidence if he has to face elected house of commons.

That sets a very dangerous precedent for prime ministers who can just shut down the government if they're afraid they're going to lose a confidence vote. Why aren't you afraid of that but you're terrified of the democratically elected Bloc??

Why are you trying to dance around the facts? Everything else you wrote about what they say or deals they make is IRRELEVANT. It's just you grumbling that politicians don't always do what they say, well join the club.

Accountability in a parliament MEANS SOMETHING, it means the prime minister needs to stand in front of the house of commons and prove that he still has their support.

Stop muddying the waters and changing the subject.

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