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By Rusty (registered) - website | Posted December 05, 2008 at 11:09:44

Well it is Jase, but only in so far as politicians pay attention to polls, letters to the editor and the like. This is one of the reasons some Libs are backing away from the coalition now. Political parties hire Media Analysts to scour the papers for relevant articles and letters. They try to get a sense as to the mood of the electorate through these antiquated approaches. At the end of the day they know that it it's us voters who keep them employed.

Personally I think this is a lousy way for voters to make an impact. It's too disconnected. For one thing we voters are too strongly beholden to the media to provide insightful analysis. We don't know enough about politics and the issues ourselves (just look at the depth of ignorance around the recent coaliton nonsense). I believe that Civics lessons should be mandatory in schools. Voting should be mandatory. We need to ingrain our democracy into peoples lives to improve the connection between politicians and their constituents.

I believe the whole breakdown of the coalition comes down to one thing - Dion. The voters don't like him and his own party doesn't like him. Whether the coalition 'coup' was legitimate or not is beside the point. People didn't go for it because Dion was at the helm. The sooner he's gone and the Libs re-build a decent alternative to the Conservatives the better.

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