Comment 28265

By leeeenus (anonymous) | Posted January 21, 2009 at 13:53:06

@mr meister

"a kit of intellectual property is very expensive to create"

'intellectual property' is free to create and share if it isn't in the hands of big corporations that lock it down with ip laws

"A new drug is expensive not because it is expensive to produce once you know how but it is expensive to learn how to make that drug."

drug companies spend more on marketing then research

"Microsoft has spent much money on developing its software if you or I can just use it then how can they ever recoup their development costs?"

open source makes better software for free, most of the internet runs on linux servers and most websites run on lamp (linux, apache, mysql, perl/php) all free open source systems

microsoft still controls the desktop because it's cheap dos licencing in the early days locked most consumers in and they're still enjoying that network effect today, just like how most people still use qwerty keyboards even though dvorak is easier to use and faster

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