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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted February 22, 2009 at 08:29:33

A Smith,

Again, the 55 million is simply for maintenance and doesn't include capital expenditures for major new construction (such as the approx 500 million spent on the Linc/Redhill).

It also doesn't include money spent on the 400-series highways, which are maintained (and were built) with mostly provincial (and federal) money.

It also doesn't include the costs of policing, emergency services, etc. I mentioned earlier. For a full analysis of the total costs, and who pays them, see the federal report I referenced earlier. Read it carefully to find out the full social costs.

I think you would appreciate a true user-pays market-based solution to fund the full costs of our transportation infrastructure.

That is certainly not what we have now, and complaining about 'subsidies' to the HSR ignores the massive hidden subsidies provided to the private motorist at all levels (from getting the oil out of the ground, to building the cars, to building and maintaining the roads, to 'free' parking at shops, to paying for damage and injuries caused by accidents and pollution).

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