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By Robert D (anonymous) | Posted February 24, 2009 at 13:58:55

I know cash fares have been continually going up, but has anything been done about the price of tickets?

The price of the cash fair is $2.40, whereas tickets are $1.85 for adults... This seems like a pretty large gap, given the fact that anyone who takes the HSR even irregularly can buy tickets. It seems like they're trying to penalize cash fares, or reward ticket use. At the same time though they're discouraging transit use by people who don't use it regularly and don't know about the deep discount tickets offer.

Have ticket prices been increasing in lock step with cash fares, or not? I honestly don't know.

As an aside, mac currently pays something like 110% of a monthly pass, and they get the an 8 month unlimited pass. This is the deal that the Mac students have accepted, and it's reviewed every 3 years or so. The only requirement is that all students are forced to purchase the pass, it's an all or nothing deal. As a student there I thought this was a fantastic deal. Have they ever considered charging slightly more for this? They couldn't go too high, as the students would just vote it down, but I think even charging the equivalent of 2 monthly passes and giving them an 8 month pass would be a phenomenal deal which would have student support, while boosting HSR revenues.

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