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By Woody10 (registered) | Posted February 25, 2009 at 01:21:19


Unfortunately I can't respond to your comments to me on the Stadium developement article (site is down on that one) but this forum is equaly relevant.

I do not classify all people on social assitance in the same catagory. I know and have known many people using assistance over the years. I merely make a statement to the negative/users who you well know, there are plenty!

As far as you telling me to walk in their shoes basically (my words not yours) In the past, I have been laid off, I have been on EI, looking for work, trying everything, scrimping together pennies etc. All the while I was out knocking on doors asking if I could cut peoples grass for some money to support my new wife and myself, I would watch the neighbours across the street welcome the taxi driver and his beer delivery every month when the Assistance cheque came in. Never saw them work although they told me they were more than able, "ha ha, why should i, ha, ha"

Until they sort out the bad-uns' you are going to get people like me who HAVE been there standing up for the ones who got off there behinds and really, really worked to get out of the hole. Work is pride, even if it is selling hot-dogs at the Cats games for $8 an hour. And I realize how much the bus can cut into a basic wage pay packet but lets remember the days when people walked to their jobs. I know I used to walk from the West mountain to King and Gage when I was younger. And even today I ride my bike whenever possible.

I now teach my kids how to help the less fortunate who really deserve our help and how to decifer the truly needy from the lazy. Not an easy task when their are people like you putting everyone in the same classification.

I appologize for highjacking this thread but like I said I couldn't respond on the Stadium thread because that page is down. Maybe Jason you could flip it over for me.

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