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By Grassroots are the way forward (registered) | Posted February 25, 2009 at 22:35:46

Robert D:

I do believe that the bus pass for low income was for about 500 people, the working poor not for those on ODSP or OW.

But there is issue about the buses that is of a concern. A person who is disabled, menaing who has a walker or mobility device can get on the bus for free and the bus drivers will remove paying customers off the bus when necessary to make room. It has happen to family members three times now, the last time it happened it was freezing cold and with a baby who was less than a month old.

While I feel for the disabled person, does it make sense to boot off a little baby, who is also suspectible to the cold?

These people who run the HSR need to rethink things, one day someone will get really pissed off being kicked off the bus when they have paid their fare. Why should someone who has paid been made to do that?

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