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By Frank (registered) | Posted March 10, 2009 at 14:04:57

Fender, I wasn't arguing that I was right or wrong, I was saying you're proposal to kick out the trash was over the top and doens't make a difference. As far as downtown establishments, I think you need to peruse the downtown a bit better. There are quite a few classy establishments although perhaps they don't crack up to the Keg, they provide food that's as good if not better. Downtown bars attract line ups of people so they can't be that bad.

The last time I checked each city has it's share of "seedy" joints that you may not approve of and if anyone was to walk through a downtown core with a pessimistic view, that's what they'd see. When I walk through downtown and eat at some killer restaurants browse through some nice stores, I could care less if I have to walk past the tattoo parlour or a strip bar.

As far as living, I lived and worked RIGHT downtown for 3 years. I moved out to east Hamilton to get closer the office I drive to every day. If you enjoyed TO so much, you're welcome to go back.

What would work is a variety of establishments in all the boarded up establishments along downtown streets, changing the highways through downtown to two way roads and slowing them down, increasing the sidewalk width, allowing restaurants to have patios out front weather permitting...that kind of thing. It works like your lawn, if you have a lot of weeds you don't pull them you put down some good triple mix and overseed with grass....

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