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By Really? (registered) | Posted June 17, 2009 at 14:35:22

I have to agree with 'Anonymous'. I made my own comments on several parts of the survey re: Property Standards/Enforcement as most people who come down love the architecture, but hate the grit.

Also, most visitors hate the one-way systems (SURPRISE, only people who like them are those who live in Hamilton outside of Downtown).

I don't know if certain people on this board have ever been to Toronto, but the homeless issue is MUCH more severe there and they are much more agressive. I recently had an experience on a streetcar where 3 homeless people snuck on thru the back doors and the operator shut the streetcar down until they got off. They refused until they heard police sirens (from an unrelated matter). That has never happened to me in Hamilton!

All in all, Downtown Hamilton is a great place with the shudders @ the word Potential to be much, much greater! And, although it may be lip service, it's more than EcDev was doing before.

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