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By jason (registered) | Posted July 12, 2009 at 07:32:19

ASmith: "Do you know how much it costs (labour, fuel, etc) to service 100 suburban homes vs 100 inner city homes?"

Do you know the difference in policing costs from suburbs to the city??

Property value x tax rate = tax bill

This isn't entirely true. Some areas with lower service levels pay less. Regardless, take me up on my offer to petition suburban folks to start selling $300,000 homes for $200,000 if they are so upset with paying taxes based on property value. That's how it works.

And by the way, there are many areas in lower Hamilton with home values just as high, or higher than in the suburbs. Check the property listings for comparable homes in the downtown areas of Kirkendall, Strathcona and in the Westdale area and compare them to identical (or as close as possible) homes in Dundas or Stoney Creek. All areas with transit and identical amenities as far as parks, rec, snow plowing etc.... the Hamilton homes pay much more in taxes every year. Doesn't sound very fair does it??

Conversely, take the cheaper homes found in north/central Hamilton and you'll find similar homes and prices in older areas of Dundas, Stoney Creek etc.... again, the Hamilton homes are paying more in taxes for identical services and with identical property values.

You're wasting an entire discussion here trying to compare the cheapest homes in north/central Hamilton with homes triple the size and more than the double the value. Make straight comparisons with equal property size and equal property value and you'll see who's getting ripped off.

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