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By Really? (registered) | Posted August 31, 2009 at 17:31:21

Jason, as have I (ie: LuLu Lemon hahaha)

Types of Retailers I have emailed re: opening (back) up Downtown (just to name a few): *Chapters/Indigo *MEC (we all know what happened with that) *HARVEY'S (They closed down 3 w/in 5 years!?!) *Wendy's (Not ONE anywhere close to Downtown) *Winners *The List Goes On

I think Branding neighbourhoods (whether it be ethnically or culturally) is a great thing, and may draw those ethnicities/cultures/etc to the inner-City. I understand just how difficult it can be, especially with a backwards-thinking City full of Old Timers on Staff which love One-Way Speedways.

Look @ Cannon St W, for example. It has been trying to become a 'Asia-town' of sorts (new developments and proposals over the last couple of years), yet just can't generate the same foot traffic as a slower area such as International Village due to the Cannon St Expressway. Wonder why B&T's patio is often empty while their dine-in section thrives? Maybe b/c no one on their patio can hear their dates!?

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