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By nobrainer (registered) | Posted February 15, 2010 at 08:17:48

Don't even try to make sense.

Don't worry. He's not trying to make sense.

The people here have tunnel vision.

Yeah, because studying how the world's cities solve their development and transportation problems is more narrow and close minded than defending the status quo at all costs.

They have the misguided notion that people in this city will suddenly abandon their cars to use the LRT.

No. we have the well guided notion that some people in this city will chose high quality transit if they have a choice. They'll chose to live and work near the transit line and that will spur developers to give them the kinds of facilities they're looking for.

You need to leave the GTA once and a while and see how the rest of the world looks. It's not all ten lane highways you know.

We will not get LRT in this city until vehicular traffic concerns are addressed.

What vehicular traffic concerns? You can drive right through the city from end to end in 10 minutes. No city should ever allow that - and most don't. The healthy cities with good economies certainly don't.

If I were just a troll, I'd accuse you now of being anti business. But I'd rather try and stick to the issues, tempting as it is.

The politicians are already hedging their bets. When you hear the mayor say not so fast about two way conversions, you know the whole idea is in trouble.

When you're actually bragging that the lunatics are running the asylum, you know you've lost the argument.

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