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By MarkWhittle (registered) - website | Posted February 15, 2010 at 10:08:23

If the Dalton McGuinty government and Metrolinx wanted more people out of their cars, why did they (Ontario Liberal government) help bail out the auto manufacturers building the product they want to get rid of in the first place?

If you dig deeper into Metrolinx and it's attachment of Hamilton to Toronto, where the bulk of the top 15 projects will go, Hamilton is on the short end again.

Mayor Eisenberger and other politicians were given the boot to remove the partisanship from Metrolinx decision making.

Using Google Earth and Maps one can physically see all the rail lines that exist in Hamilton, from one end to the other. Why can't LRT utilized many of these abandoned or under-used lines, like how the "Rail-Trail" system for walking or biking was created from an abandoned rail line?

Another section of Metrolinx is studying "electrification" of which Hamilton could have an abundant source once the Liberty energy project comes online.

One thing for sure, people are talking about it (LRT), that's a good thing. Too bad it's not a ballot question for the fall election, maybe more people will get out and vote.

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