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By Rod (anonymous) | Posted February 17, 2010 at 12:37:18

Re: the concerns about Toronto's streetcar/LRT system and the frequent track repairs that seem to take place. I am not a transportation engineer, so perhaps others can better answer this concern, but it is my impression that the replacement (HS) streetcars that Toronto bought to replace the 'President's Conference' cars several years ago, were/are needlessly heavy and not really the best choice for that system, and that there were/are better, lighter LRT vehicles on the market.

Being lighter, these would be much less demanding on the tracks, and produce significantly less vibration than Toronto's current streetcars.

In sum, the appropriate choice of LRT vehicle/manufacturer for streetcars makes all the difference. Make the right choice in that regard, and the rail vehicles will beat out any bus by a country mile in terms of comfort, not to mention the very considerable long-term operational cost savings that typically occur, especially with multiple vehicle hook-ups.

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