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By Rod (anonymous) | Posted February 23, 2010 at 20:49:31

Again, I am neutral on the debate: two-way versus one-way streets, although the preponderence of opinion seems to favour two-way - on King. But, while respecting the arguments that two-way slows down traffic, and in this way creates (so the reasoning goes) a more pedestrian-friendly milieu, by the same token, this would also mean that LRT traffic/trains would be similarly slowed down.

To the supporters of LRT, who also support street conversion to two-way flow, that is surely a point one has to ponder. In short, by moving to two-way conversion, one is sacrificing LRT speed (and its attractiveness to many potential riders) for perceived improvements in street aesthetics and safety. (I wonder how much two-way conversion would add in terms of time to an LRT journey from M.U. to Eastgate?)

That said, I am with the majority here: get on with LRT ASAP! And to add that I think suggestions that it be placed underground make no sense - very unnattractive as well as prohibitively expensive.

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