Comment 39157

By Don McLean (anonymous) | Posted March 26, 2010 at 11:57:25

Agreed that "stimulus" monies should have been used for transformative projects like LRT; and agreed that the massive deficits that have come from stimulus funding make spending on LRT less likely. Note that there was almost no debate at the time of the 'crisis' about the appropriateness of bailing out the financial and auto sectors, and the business media had little to say about how this spending would be repaid and at what cost.

The early Metrolinx board wisely talked about funding the Big Move transit projects with other revenue sources - including tolling highways. Hamilton could fund a big part of its transit future with tolls on the two expressways we own. At minimum, the monies collected could be used to pay off the $550 million in public monies spent on the Linc and Red Hill roads - much of it still hanging over our heads as debt.

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