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By Rod (anonymous) | Posted March 26, 2010 at 16:09:56

The grim reality of $20-plus billion provincial deficits is the new reality. Like it or not, that is the new prism through which this government is looking at things, including transit plans.

I am all for the east-west LRT in Hamilton; one of the most deserving of any transit/transportation projects anywhere in the province, and better thought out than others, such as Ottawa's confused, messed-up tunnel LRT plan. It should have become a reality years ago - instead of a Red Hill expressway. But, Hamilton is probably going to have to wait in line longer for the funding and the go-ahead approvals. So many other demands on the government - funding for rail lines between the Soo and Sudbury, Peterborough and Toronton, GO extensions to Niagara, K-W LRT, etc., etc. - everything cannot be accommodated at once.

But, it would be nice to see highway construction approvals (typically secured far more easily than rail line funding) take a second place to rail transit in the funding request line up for a change.

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