Comment 396

By davidcohen (registered) | Posted January 18, 2006 at 10:32:53

Ryan's dismissal of achectectual modernism is a bit too sweeping. Hamilton has some excellent modernist buildings, both old and new. TH&B (now GO) station and the City Hall are both oustanding as is Brian McKibbin's stunning new Robert David Men's Store on Locke. I could go on. These days, what is to be deplored is the neo-traditionalist dreck (sometimes called "new urbanism") being built in our tonier suburbs and as infill in our older neighbourhoods. As for the Lister Block, I share Ryan's skepticism about its present owners' interest in good architecture. But that doesn't mean that a good, modernist solution can't be found for this eyesore. All that is needed is the right architect with a strong, clear mandate.

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