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By d.knox (registered) | Posted May 26, 2010 at 20:47:29

There's plenty wrong with our system, as you point out Kiely. I think it's shocking to see what athletes who chase different shaped balls in different directions on different shaped fields can earn, compared to a nurse, whose work is much more valuable socially. But based on what we pay them, I think I have to say that our culture really values ball-chasers (and throwers I suppose too and also maybe kickers?).

I'm not sure that I would agree that our highest wage earners are generally not our hardest working. Not doubt that's true if you are talking brute strength or intensity of physical labour, but if you calculate hours of work and intellectual effort I think your argument doesn't hold up.

True, some people who don't work very hard make a lot of money. Some people who work very hard don't make much money. Some people have university degrees but not a useful education. And regardless of how society is set up, some people will still be very successful, and others will be very failureful.

But I'm still with Meredith: any good outcome in life involves work... even chasing balls.

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