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By David (anonymous) | Posted April 03, 2006 at 05:33:14

This is a very interesting subject not UN-covered well in other Peak Oil commentary. The comment about Ruppert being delighted at the prospects is likely not an unusual thought - and the "why" might be even more interesting to explore than the subject itself.

1) It might be as simple as bordom. Kennedy delivered a very rare "national goal" of reaching the moon. Think about it - what goals exist now? People don't seem to be collectively working on anything - just their own personal survival - and it's borng.

2) People are much more eager to meet challenges than given credit for - and they might just want it to be a big one.

3) Just as "flying saucers" intrigue people because it would decidedly break the "routine" of the day to see one land, I think major calamities intrigue for the same reason.

4) People know we operate with very sick political and economically unsustainable systems. The idea that money became worthless would surely level the playing field - allowing the world to start over with everyone in the same class.

I think generally the best answer is regarding that bordom. We would like something major to happen that shifts power back to individuals, challenges us, and breaks the dreaded routine that seems to go nowhere except maintain status quo. Any sight of a major freeway leading to resort areas on a Friday evening indicates people are trying to escape structure and rules and routines. The lucky now are the ones who can climb to the top economically thus be able to afford to escape such structure, but people know that should be the rule for everyone, not the few - they want to break out of the endless structure, and some kind of total economic collapse might seem to some to be the only way such changes can ever happen.

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