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By jason (registered) | Posted May 31, 2010 at 20:00:10

I took the bait today and called the Bill Kelly show! haha. He was great actually. Let me make my points, asked a few questions of my perspective as someone living right next to York and then commented on my 'interesting thoughts with a different viewpoint' when I was done. The other callers were hilarious though. I don't think any of them talked about York. They all kept talking about King and Main.

Some of my favourite quotes (I'm deadly accurate here. Not making these up. They're tattooed in my mind due to the sheer lunacy) -

"How will I get to the power centre if King is two way?? (maybe we should replace 'best place to raise a child' with this beauty)

"It's going to take an hour to get through the city now" (I told this caller that he's in Hamilton, not Toronto and that it won't take him an hour to get anywhere. It'll take 2 extra minutes)

"the last time I took the bus the driver was so rude and drove so bad that old ladies were literally falling on the floor in the aisles" (I suppose this could be true, even thought I'm on the bus all the time and have yet to see it)

It was something else listening to the 7 minutes of that show that I had to endure while waiting.

And not surprisingly, the only other caller who was just as pumped about two-way conversions as me was another guy who lives along James South. In other words, those of us who actually live here are itching for more calm streets. And with all due respect, I'm more important than the guy worried about getting to the power centre. Know why? Cause I do ALL of my spending, dining, coffee drinking, shopping, entertaining, patio chilling and overall nice guy routine DOWNTOWN. Downtown businesses need more people like me who feel comfortable to walk on their streets. I don't ever walk on York. I always take Florence St when walking to the market. If York becomes safe to walk along, guess what, I'll do more spending on that street as well. I'm not living my life worried about whether it'll take an extra 2 minutes to 'get to the power centre'. And by the way, ALL of our power centres (other than Centre Maul) are sitting on prime industrial land next to our major highways. Try using a freeway bud. Honestly, it felt like 1990 all over again.

Sorry, rant over. LOL

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