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By red24 (registered) | Posted July 23, 2010 at 21:34:09

"I can't understand why the Mayor hasn't gone to the Premier and asked that he make it very clear publicly, whether or not a deal is needed with the Ticats before funding is forthcoming. It would make the decision making process much easier for those councillors sitting on the fence right now."

There's a very good reason for the province's reticence to make a clear statement on this: they want the two sides to come to an agreement on their own. I actually think that prior to the Economic Summit back in the Spring, when Ian Troop of HOSTCO made a thinly-veiled threat that no deal with the Ticats might jeopardize the stadium, the City was prepared to go with a legacy that didn't include the Ticats. Maybe they still can.

I actually find these quotes from provincial officials reassuring. The way Bob Young tells the story, the Province has declared the Ticats the stadium legacy and no deal with the Ticats necessarily means no stadium. I hope they haven't told him that privately and told the rest of us it's up to the parties involved.


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