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By lawrence (registered) - website | Posted August 06, 2010 at 14:08:08

You guys see this?

I am an emotional guy. Some things make me cry I won't hide behind my emotional exterior. This video choked me up. Brought a tear to my eye but it was the memories made at Ivor Wynne displayed in this video. The history behind our team and the stadium, that brought on these emotions. The thought of saying goodbye to Ivor Wynne and yes to Go East mountain, also brought a tear to my eye.

Not all tears are good ones.

Perhaps Ivor Wynne does need to go (although I do not believe this), I truly and wholeheartedly do not believe the Go East Mountain location, is a 'Legacy Vision'.

Bob Young and his media team do know how to grab at the Fans heartstrings, but he did this video an injustice by mentioning Go East Mountain or talking about that site in general. That tv wood have looked better either at the harbour, or even better, a guy sitting in a leather couch with a big screen tv, sitting at the 50 yard line of Ivor Wynne watching these highlights, then getting out of his chair to sit amongst the stands at IW.

Man I wish I had media/videographer connections and access to IWS right now. I know as an artist I shouldn't be sitting back saying 'man I could do it better' because that is not who I am. But with this and the Cats opening day video, I do think the Cats are getting it wrong.

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