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By Tony (anonymous) | Posted May 01, 2006 at 20:06:12

To the Mystery ARAMCO employee:

SA has promised to raise production above the current production level for several years now to no avail. And the only excess capacity they have provided has been in the form of heavier, sour crude. Are you stating that SA has light, sweet crude to offer above current production levels? If so, where are they coming from? Gawhar isn't producing this qualiy of crude at increasing levels.

My belief is that SA has not peaked in total oil poduction but has in light, sweet crude. And the 260 Billion barrel URR is political not geological. Anyone who has studied this issue knows that nealry all OPEC members raised their URR in the mid 1980s to up their production quotas. 30 years of true scientific study had SA reserves at 1/2 the currently stated levels before the political increase.

If you have some facts share them, all we want is the truth, not propoganda.


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