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By jason (registered) | Posted August 12, 2010 at 18:03:24

Challenger, I'm not sure why you're being so angry about this. Perhaps just worried about losing the Cats? I am too, so I can sympathize.

The only credentials I need to make my above post is the ability to read and pay attention.

I've been following this issue since the start, many months ago.

Remember, Bob Young went from "build it, we'll play in it" to "NEVER at the west harbour".

The question we must ask is "what happened?"

Young says they found 10 sites around town and WH was the worst. Yet to this very moment, the Cats have produced NOTHING. I believe Bob Young is a very smart man, and I really like him. I don't think someone as smart as him could make a mistake so big as to not publicly release info that results in him changing his mind when he knows that the public is paying for the project and that the public's councillors are the ones voting on the project.

So, we have some options here:

  1. There never was any reports done.
  2. There was a report and it concluded that all 10 sites were almost identical with very little margin of difference
  3. Behind the scenes politicking changed his mind, not any reports
  4. Reports may have been whipped up after the politicking was complete, basically affirming this new position.
  5. The whole thing is a show and a typical sports team tactic
  6. Young really did have independent reports done and they are the only reason he changed his tune.
  7. He's not nearly as smart as we've all though if those reports exist and he's willingly kept them private.
  8. He's sadly gotten in with the wrong bunch of folks in Hamilton's old boys club who are now playing him as they look to land 100's of millions in taxpayer money near their current businesses. In other words, some friends who are only looking out for themselves.
  9. Ontario Liberals are looking to pull our LRT funding and give it to a GTA area Liberal riding in order to buy votes at the next election - hence Fenn, ORC and Troop

Don't get so angry because someone dismisses a useless rant on TSN's website. Like most of the national media, they come along and pick up a story at the 11th hour and talk as if they have any clue what's going on.

Poor Bob McCowan yesterday had to wonder if he was being lied to by Foxcroft - "one lane in and one lane out" to the West Harbour. I'm sure McCowan was thinking "this can't be true".

As it turns out, there are 44 major traffic lanes within 1,000 metres of the WH site and 16 lanes within a 1,000 metres of the EM site. Those are facts. You can choose to believe them, or some guy yelling and making stuff up on a radio interview.

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