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By jason (registered) | Posted August 12, 2010 at 22:56:28

what happens if there are events at Copps and the WH stadium at the same time??? We'll actually feel like a real city for once.

Any one notice that as council grew a pair of big ones and did the right thing the whining and hysteria and fear mongering from the other side grew louder, more vitriolic and more hysterical by the hour. This East Mountain option was about of already rich people trying to fleece the taxpayers of this city to the tune of 200 million or so and make themselves richer in the process while sticking it to the rest of the city. Period.

This is so true. We CAN'T let our guard down and stop being involved on this issue. There is some serious pressure coming from the above mentioned people to our council and through their own personal soapbox - CHML. Don't think that citizens were responsible for the switcheroo by two councillors. It's the old boys club. They aren't going to let up until after the election and neither can the rest of the city that wants to see this decision stick and drag us forward into the 21st Century. Don't let your guard down folks.

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