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By Robbie K (anonymous) | Posted August 13, 2010 at 16:20:59

Those are some Iron Balls ;)

It still kills me a little bit at the Bob Young attacks. Trust me, I am no super fan of him. But I can appreciate the complexities of the entire issue. He went for what was best for his business. Although you may scoff at the offer he tabled to help out WH while keeping EM, you have to admit it is not like he was completely blind. And really, you never hear about that part of his offer.

Could this have gone a whole hell of a lot smoother? Sure! There is tons of information/meetings none of us are privy too. I don't envy ANYONE in this situation, it is a complete mess. Everyone entered in with good intentions of trying to find some common ground while looking out for their intrests (which is only natural). Now, no matter what happens, 50% of Hamilton hates you. At the end of the Day, we absolutly need the WH/DT helped as much as possible. Its just a shame that the TiCats can't be a part of it.

My only issue now with the TiCats is that, okay, fine no new shiny stadium on EM, and they are not being FORCED to play at WH (if it actually gets built). So, aside from some hurt feelings, aren't they in EXACTLY the same spot of the PanAms never showed up?

In other words : What was the TiCats plan to try to make money, say, 3 years ago? Was it fix up the current stadium? I doubt it was sitting around hoping 100+ million of free money was going to show up. We maybe back at square one sooner then anyone cares to admit (Although thankfully, with downtown high on the radar , FINALLY), but I doubt the plan was to "up and leave".

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