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By waterboy (anonymous) | Posted August 13, 2010 at 19:56:04

Why did the Fan 590 even interview Foxcroft? Must have been a friend of a friend who knows...

For such a multidisciplined sporting endeavour such as the PanAm games why interview a local near do well who only superficially knows football, though admittedly is better schooled at basketball.

There is one refreshing guy (John?... Board of Ed?..Highlanders...?) in the Hamilton area who I came across at a local football game who is a national starter for track events. This guy knows his shit! He knows stuff about all sports. In fact I recognised him because of a local cable sport quiz show bit from a few years ago - does anybody know this guy? Big dude. Sort of gruff and intimidating but straight up and articulate and extremely well versed in sport. He would have put Fox croft straight, once and for all. Factually of course.

Fan 590 should get this guy for a local/ regional perspective.

Any sporting refs know this guy.


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