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By Robbie K (anonymous) | Posted August 13, 2010 at 21:47:10

@mr janitor, I completely agree. Things aren't exactly so cut and dry. I think the entire quote was something like "we will play wherever, as long it is financial feaseable".

Trust me, I am 100% pro WH, and not particularly a TiCats fan. Seem like that quote can be taken out fo context very easily. The strange thing is, either Bob tried to tell Fred behing closed doors for a long time, go fed up, and went public, or Fred did not make Bob aware that was the "final" location untill it was "too late". The third option may be the City telling Bob that long ago, but he did not get the "financial analysis" till right before the initial decision and flip flopped (of course I am refering to the first date we were supposed to have this Ironned out for, not the extension and ensuing "stadium-gate").

Supposed to be a big announcement at half time of tonights game? I do think it will be anything outside of Hamilton that just come up (no way would they commit to Milton SOOO quickly, or really anywhere). No super rush for the TiCats , they have a little time to figure out whats best for them (WH or otherwise).

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