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By Robbie K (anonymous) | Posted August 13, 2010 at 22:19:38

Not exactly a particularly enlightening discussion during half time. Bob does seems a little "overwhelmed" right now. Perhaps not the correct word. Maybe exhausted, just taking notes, getting ready.

It was rather interesting that when asked if he would return to the table, he did not say NO. That could be the typical BY double speak, but basically I said "a little subsidy is not enough. It is going to take something significant.".

How you know if its significant without listening is beyond me. His main gripe was Transportation.

So, I wonder, how do we improve the access to the WH site significantly. I don't think its a problem personally, but what do I know. Could they perhaps put an interchange off york/qew. "TiCats Way"? Who knows. Super expensive. But honestly, if you want to have even MORE activity to the downtown (this stadium is just the start right?), and this is just the START, then it should be required at some point, no? Maybe speed that up a little? Perhaps it can't be completed 100% before the stadium is built, but at least commit to the action plan?

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