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By Chris Angel (registered) | Posted August 29, 2010 at 10:21:06

Bravo! Just listen to all that carpet sweeping. Once again you have simply swept parking concerns right underneath the rug.

I am not convinced by your arguments that stadiums built before WWII ignored parking so why shouldn't we.

ACC & Rogers Center both have on site underground parking to ensure accessibility.

Parking maps supplied by both venues show 13,000 parking spaces within 2-3 blocks. These are massive lots and people arriving by car are not faced with a pre game adventure tour of 18+ lots scattered over a wider area. The area is presently served by subway, bus, street car and train, not in the future at some point - maybe.

How exactly does this compare to anywhere in Hamilton? It doesn't. Toronto is playing off of years of development in this area. We are not. We need to satisfy a need for parking not dismiss it or try and BS it away. Failure to do so will only help to insure a WH stadium is not built.

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