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By Downtown (anonymous) | Posted September 27, 2010 at 02:10:47

If it is so obvious on this forum that we need the LRT, then why is it not done. I guess it's not so obvious after all. Issues to content with are:

1) How much will Hamilton have to pay? I would suspect at least one-third.

2) Will the LRT mess up Hamilton's synchronized traffic light system on Main Street and result in a downtown traffic nightmare like Toronto's.

3) If it is much more cost-effective to use Bus Rapid Transit, why not save the $600 to $800 million and improve the downtown in other ways. Why choose a method that is not most cost-effective. We can improve Hamilton a great deal with the other $600 million.

4) Hamilton downtown is not Toronto downtown! Until the area is cleaned up, nobody is going to want to move here or shop here.

I live right downtown on Main Street, so I would benefit from the LRT, but I still don't think it is the right decision. Our top priority should be to clean up the area. For all those who are in favour of the LRT, why don't you move downtown and see how you like it in its current condition?

Lastly, if I thought the downtown would be cleaned up, I may well support the LRT, but City Hall has created, and then ignored, the downtown situation, and I don't have any hope yet that they will start taking real action to clean up the area.

My, how City Hall loves to spend our money, without dealing with the big picture.

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